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Evaluation #6 - The Invisible Woman

Here it is guys, a truly momentous occasion. This will be the first actually new blog for me. As you may have read in the title, it's The Invisible Woman. I have decided to make sure that all of my reviews are objective. I want you (the readers) to feel like you're getting good information, rather than me just making up numbers from thin air. So anyway, with that we can begin.

The Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman or Susan Storm, is a member of the Fantastic Four. She is a quintessential character of the Marvel universe, and is among the oldest and most popular comic book heroes. The Invisible Woman wears the typical Fantastic Four uniform. She initially went by Invisible Girl and then later changed her name to Invisible Woman. She debuted in Fantastic Four #1 in November 1961.

The Invisible Woman's brother is Johnny Storm or The Human Torch from the Fantastic Four. She and her brother grew up orphaned after the death of both their parents. They lived with their aunt where Storm eventually met Reed Richards (Mr. Incredible), her future husband. Reed was a scientist working on a new spacecraft, which lost its government funding. Reed was determined to test the prototype and when the crew went into outer space, a blast of cosmic energy shot their spacecraft back to Earth. Upon their return, the group including Susan Storm discovered new powers. Sue found she had the ability to become invisible. Later due to the lack of substance to her powers, writers decided to give her the ability to manipulate invisible force fields.

The Invisible Woman fought alongside the other Fantastic Four and eventually married Reed Richards. Eventually she became pregnant and due to her cosmically altered genes, had to obtain a special artifact from another dimension. After giving birth, she returned to the Fantastic Four. Sue Storm is very notable for her beautiful appearance. This has often led to many villains becoming infatuated by her. Dr. Doom and Namor the Sub-mariner are two of the most common suitors of Storm. In alternate realities, Storm actually has children with both Doom and Namor.

Storm was featured in both Fantastic Four movies, played by Jessica Alba. Her powers of invisibility can be transposed to other things and people but do not allow her to pass through solid objects. The force fields she controls can also be used in many ways including blunt weapons, walking platforms, or methods of containment. It should also be noted that The Invisible Woman's force fields are not indestructible and can actually cause physical harm to her if damaged enough. Some have criticized Storm for being the weakest member of the team, but her defensive abilities are a necessary asset to the team.

So let's get an evaluation under our belt...

Costume: Invisible Woman's costume is pretty simple, yet classy. She does however lose points because it is worn by 3 other members of the team. She is very sexy which would probably be the case no matter what she wore. 7/10

These powers are decent. The ability to become invisible is cool enough, but rarely is useful in situations other than infiltration or escape. These powers are obviously defensive and only practical as part of a team. They have limited attack use and aren't indestructible, which is a let-down. 6.5/10

Cool Factor:
She is very sexy, which helps her case on this one. Other than her fine ass, Sue Storm is not very cool at all. It must be nice to be the token hot chick on a super group, but it won't get you too many points for Cool Factor. 6/10

Even though her powers are primarily defensive, she is able to use them in a wide variety of ways. Her invisibility can be transmitted to other things, and her force fields can be used in countless ways. My favorite use of the force field is her ability to create one inside of a person, then expand it to essentially explode them. She has high levels of versatility even with her low levels of strength and overall ability. 8/10

Other than the plight of being mortal, Invisible Woman has no true weaknesses. Her powers are limited which is a weakness, but you won't find her high-tailing away from Kryptonite. Also, her force fields can be penetrated by extremely powerful enemies. 7.5/10

That makes for an overall score of.......6.9

As always, feel free to leave comments or your own evaluations.

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Cyndi said...

That was really good, Chris. However, I disagree with your cool factor. Being pretty in no way makes you cool. Look at Paris Hilton. If there was a hottness factor then maybe she would get a 9. Maybe.

Cyndi said...

PS: Do Radioactive Man. Up and atom!

Phylicia said...

i'm writing a story where a character has invisibility powers and im tryin to think of good limitations, like what things can she not do with her powers or to make the power work? One character has glamour which is changing her outfit, her limit is to be within 20 feet from the item