Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Evaluation #5 - Lady Deathstrike

Well, today's evaluation will be of Lady Deathstrike, a fierce, sexy, and not to mention female villainess. That's right! This will be the first female character to be evaluated. So ladies, you better have comments coming out of your ovaries!

Lady Deathstrike

Lady Deathstrike is a hyper-sexy femme fatale from the Marvel series of The X-men. Lady Deathstrike has a few costume variations, the most notable being the above due to her recent appearance in X-2.

May I just say, I would so hit that, regardless of the 12 inch scratch marks on my back the next morning. Lady Deathstrike first debuted in August 1983 in Daredevil #197.

Lady Deathstrike's real name is Yuriko Oyama. Her father, Kenji Oyama, was a Japanese scientist who developed the method for grafting adamantium to bone, a process later used on Wolverine. Yuriko sought the Daredevil to assist her to free her father from captors. In the end, she turned on her father as he nearly killed Daredevil. She then went psychotic to some extent and vowed to restore her family's honor. She enlisted the skills of a literal "body shoppe" and obtained cybernetic enhancements and an adamantium skeleton along with her trademark talons. (It should be noted that at this point in the comic, Lady Deathstrike looked as pictured below, not as the above picture, which is the Ultimate version of her). Her hunt to bring honor back to her family led her to Wolverine, and their rivalry was initiated because she wanted the adamantium from his very bones to be returned to her father's name. It should also be noted that Lady Deathstrike is NOT a mutant as portrayed in the movie, she was actually just cybernetically enhanced and given an adamantium skeleton. Her story ends there for the most part, but one blog-worthy incident between she and Wolverine should be recognized. When Wolverine lost his adamantium to Magneto, Lady Deathstrike disengaged a battle with him when she saw he merely had bone claws. She has a high sense of the honor code despite her social and mental instabilities.

Lady Deathstrike's powers include being a cyborg, which entails super-human strength, speed, and agility. She also has an adamantium skeleton, and ten 12 inch talons, one from each finger and thumb. She is skilled in many forms of martial arts and is also a skilled sword fighter. Although her usual role of assassin gives her a tendency to stealth, she can be extremely lethal either way. Lady Deathstrike has no known weaknesses other than her value of the honor-code.

And the evaluation goes like this...

Costume: I have to say that the Ultimate costume couldn't be hotter. I mean, a sexy Asian in a business suit. Mmmmmmm. But the retro costume is gonna cost her some points due to its, let's face it, ugliness. 7.5/10

These powers are pretty awesome. She has a very powerful arsenal. With ten 12" claws she can literally slice and dice her way to victory. Being a cyborg only helps due to her mechanical enhancements.8/10

Cool Factor:
Lady FUCKING Deathstrike is pretty damn cool. She's crazy, gives wolverine hell, and has TEN FUCKING DEADLY FINGERNAIL CLAWS. 8/10

She has a pretty good level of versatility. Yet, with no flight abilities or sea skills, she is grounded to ground fights. The cyborg enhancements help, but versatility here is still only average. 6.5/10

She really has no "weaknesses" other than in any given fight. Her devotion to the honor-system can be a weakness in today's world, as many opponents will not hesitate to take the cheap shots. 7.5/10

So that comes to a final score of........7.65

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Jennifer said...

I didn't know she wasn't bad. You know way too much about super heroes. Don't you study?!?!

Here's my ranking. Costume gets a 8.5 - I love the business suit. I refuse to even acknowledge the retro look. Powers gets a 7 - the fingernails are gool but limited. She can do the acrobatics though and that saves her. Cool Factor gets a 9 - mainly because she is a kick ass female. Versatility gets a 6 because she's kind of a one trick pony. And weakness is a 7 because she can't fly or blow stuff up with her eyes. So that gives her a 7.5 overall I think. I forgot to read the ranking rules all the way through!

Cyndi said...

Jenni gets a 10 for her comment. I'm just here because you won't stop talking about you're blog and forcing me to look/digg it. So I get a 1 for effort :) However, I'm pretty cool, so I get an 11 for awesomeness.