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Evaluation #1 - The Green Lantern

Yes Everybody, this is it! This will be the first ever evaluation of a superhero and you guys get to witness it. The people who read comics or like the stories really appreciate this blog, but all are welcome to enjoy the trivia. So let's go!
The Green Lantern

The Green Lantern; my own personal favorite, but also one of the lesser known of the more popular comic book characters. The Green Lantern's constume consists of a black and green suit with a green raccoon mask to hide his identity. The Green Lantern Debuted in July of 1940 in All American Comics #16 where he was depicted in a different way than he ultimately is today. This depiction is the "Golden age" version of The Green Lantern and the above image is of the "Silver age" of comic book characters (most characters go through a few changes in appearace/story/powers).

The Green Lantern's super power is a special ring that gives him the ability to control and manipulate just about everything in the physical world. With the green energy it produces, he can create force fields, weapons, or use the energy to fly. The ring however, does not work on any item that is yellow, so Green Lantern must usually manipulate other objects to defeat an enemy playing off of this weakness. The ring's power is drawn from a green lantern used to recharge the ring approximately once every 24 hours. The more will power the ring-bearer posseses, the more powerful the ring will be.

The story behing the Green Lantern (secret identity Hal Jordan) is that an alien, Abin Sur, gave the ring to Jordan because he was sson to die and saw the traits in Jordan that were needed to use the ring.The rings energy can be manipulated into a force similar to that given off by Kryptonite, and thus making it deadly to Superman. This did happen in a crossover comic where an alien being used The Green Lantern's ring to subdue Superman but was innevitably defeated by The Green Lantern and Superman together (pwn3d).

So now to the evaluation of The Green Lantern.

Costume: The costume is really fucking cool. I mean, its green and black and he has a raccon mask. He doesn't have a cape because that's usually gay. The emblem on his chest is simple yet powerful. No costume issues for me. 9/10

I'm not sure if anyone caught this but The Green Lantern can do whatever the fuck he wants! Unless he is trying to affect a yellow object, he can do ANYTHING. And even then he can use something else to destroy the yellow enemy. He can create cages to trap enemies, fans to blow away fumes, make himself fly, pick up semi-trucks and throw them at whatever the hell he wants, or just shoot a mass of green energy at them. These powers are by far some of the best. 9/10

Cool Factor:
As far as this category goes, Green Lantern is lacking. He doesn't really have a lot of personality and while his powers are strong, they're only power. He lacks that extra something that other heroes posses.

The powers section should say it all but I'll say it again. HE CAN DO ANYTHING. Well, basically anything and for that, he will score fairly high on this category.10/10

The problem with yellow objects is not as big of a problem with the fact that he has to recharge his ring about every 24 hours. "Hang on Dr. Sinister, I have to recharge my ring." That's lame. Plus, there's no real way to get around it; what if he got in some big ass battle that lasted a fucking day, I'm talking about crazy shit here. In this case Green Lantern would put up a great fight but get his ass pwn3d in the end...badly might i add. But since this situation is more unlikely than most, it won't hurt the score as much. 8/10

So that comes to an overall score of...

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