Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Ground Rules...

So this is a blog about superheroes. Basically I love them and want everyone else to love them too. So I am blogging about superheroes and then putting my own spin on it. Basically, each blog will be an evaluation of a hero (or villain) and through that process, we can all learn and share our thoughts on the various heroes. So check out this first post about how the heroes will be graded.

The way that each super-hero will be evaluated will be determined by a scale I have designed, then each super hero will be ranked on an overall scale from 0-10.
Evaluation Rubric:
Costume(10%) The first impression we have of a super-hero is his/her costume. If superman were created wearing pink polka-dots and a highlighter-orange beanie he probably wouldn't have made it so far.
Powers(30%) Lets face it, a costume can only keep you cool so far, if you just fly (or worse, run) around doing nothing, you really won't make it in the super-world; especially if your super-villian finds out how much you suck.
Cool Factor(20%) This category is legitimate yet difficult to describe. Think of Superman's suave nature or Batman's ability to literally scare the shit out of his victims. These types of things are unique to the hero and add a hint of character to his...well...character.
Versatility(10%) This category is similar to powers but is specific in how the character uses his/her powers. Doing the same moves constantly or only being able to pick large things up are hindrances in this category. A versatile hero will have a large variety of powers and/or use them in an innovative and original method.
Weaknesses(30%) Obviously if a Hero were weak to Oxyen he wouldn't be very effective on this planet. The hero will be scored in this category in almost a reverse fashion. The more weaknesses the hero has, the less his/her score will be unless they are able to avoid them consistantly and effectively. All heroes will have their weaknesses; therefore, this category is mainly judged on if the heroes cope with these weaknesses appropriately.

After the hero is evaluated on each scale, the percentage total will be put into number form between 0-10.
Cost.- 6: 6(.1)= .6
Powr.- 8: 8(.3)= 2.4
C.F.- 7: 7(.2)= 1.4
Vers.- 5: 5(.1)= .5
Weak.- 9: 9(.3)= 2.7

.6+2.4+1.4+.5+2.7= 7.6(Overall Score)

The Overall Score will determine the heroes ranking or class in this blog.

Rank/Class Listing:
O.S. of 0-1.9: Damsel in Distress
O.S. of 2-3.9: Hero Wannabe
O.S. of 4-5.9: Sidekick
O.S. of 6-7.9: Hero
O.S. of 8-9.9: Super Hero
O.S. of 10: God of all Heroes

Other Information:
-Each hero evaluation will include interesting facts, history, and the basic characteristics of the hero.
-Further reading as well as a picture will be provided in each evaluation.
-Green Lantern rocks and you know it.

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