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Evaluation #4 - Gambit

You know the deal. I'm migrating. Once I move all the old posts, I plan to do an evaluation once a week. We'll see if I can do more, but these require a lot of research, composition, and analysis. Hopefully this blog can be really cool, and if you're into it, tell your friends, subscribe, and comment! For this post, a lot of people seemed to really enjoy it, so without further ado...


Gambit (real name Remy LeBeau) is a mutant in the comic book world of the X-Men. In the animated series and comics he was part of the X-men for some period of time and then later branched off to explore his own endeavors. He first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #266 in August of 1990 and has been a semi-popular character since. Gambit is traditionally depicted wearing a brown trench coat over a pink, purple, and navy spandex suit. Gambit was one of the first fictional characters to start the "trenchcoat trend" due to the fact that he just made it cool to wear one. Gambit has a French accent due to his childhood in New Orleans and was often criticized for his blatantly stereotypical dialogue.

Gambit was born and mostly raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was abandoned as a child due to his powers which gave him "burning red eyes." He then was later adopted by a street gang where he was given the nickname "le diable blanc" or white devil due to his mutant powers. With the street gang he learned his many abilities in thievery and cons. After attempting to unite two gangs of New Orleans by marrying a girl in a Romeo Juliet fashion, he was exiled from New Orleans.

After his childhood in New Orleans, Gambit roamed the earth honing his thief skills until he met the evil geneticist, Mister Sinister. Sinister helped Gambit by surgically lessening his powers to a more controllable level and in return Gambit agreed to do some missions for Sinister. Gambit (along with Sabretooth and other mutants) went to a subterranean society named the Morlocks and proceeded to slaughter them all. Gambit saved one Morlock who later became an X-Man, Marrow. Gambit encountered the X-Men when he saved Storm from being turned into a child by an evil mutant named "Nanny." He then fought alongside the X-Men and maintained a steady rivalry with Wolverine. Later in the series he became intimate with a fellow teammate, Rogue. Due to her powers of energy absorption, she could not previously have an intimate lover, yet due to Gambit's ability to create energy he acts as the perfect match for her.

Gambit's powers are derived from his ability to control and manipulate kinetic enery. He often uses cards to fight with as he heats them up and throws them so they explode on contact. Gambit's powers make him extremely agile and give him super-human reflexes which he uses alongside an adamantium telescoping staff. He also has mild hypnotic powers, but these are most likely derived from his expert knowledge in theft and deception.

Let's evaluate.

Costume: Now don't get me wrong, Gambit is a badass, but pink and purple spandex?@?!?!? I have to give him props for having the trench coat and overall looking and acting like a badass, but I must deduct some points due to the poor choice of color scheme. 6.5/10

Gambit's powers are pretty awesome. Just think, you could burn the fuck out of ANYTHING. He also does not just stick with his given abilities, as he uses an adamantium rod. I like this added bonus and along with his thievery this makes him a tough rival. 8.5/10

Cool Factor:
Gambit is the original badass. Not only does he have the sheer "Ill fucking kill you" factor as with wolverine and the like, he has this suave (not to mention French) charm. His cool factor is also only helped by his use of cards as weapons. 9/10

Gambit has a wide variety of powers and effectively uses them to his ability. Although the powers are a bit limited, he uses them is a strategic manner. 7/10

Gambit doesn't have much of a weakness other than his various social insecurities/disorders. He faces abandonment issues as well as his inability to accept the slaughter of an entire mutant race. Overall, Gambit can hold his own but finds problems occasionally with teamwork. 7/10

So that makes an overall score of......7.65

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